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MSC Cruises


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Cruise ships

  • MSC Armonia

    MSC Armonia

    With a high space and service ratio, guest comfort is preeminent.

  • MSC Fantasia

    MSC Fantasia

    It is the largest cruise ship ever built for a European ship owner.

  • MSC Magnifica

    MSC Magnifica

    The finest in international entertainment & Italian hospitality.

  • MSC Melody

    MSC Melody

    Features are encased in a timeless design & offer passenegers a unique journey.

  • MSC Musica

    MSC Musica

    Unique ambience assuring passengers that this ship is something special.

  • MSC Opera

    MSC Opera

    Great facilities, friendly staff & comprehensive itineraries.

  • MSC Orchestra

    MSC Orchestra

    It's the ninth ship to join the rapidly expanding MSC Cruises fleet.

  • MSC Sinfonia

    MSC Sinfonia

    A shining light in design and comfort, more comfortably with her italian crew.

  • MSC Splendida

    MSC Splendida

    Offers an exclusive privately accessed area; the ‘Happy Island’.

MSC Cruises is an award-winning and great value cruise line with a modern and high standard fleet, which features the personal attention and friendliness of an Italian crew, together with the aforementioned world famous authentic Italian cuisine. MSC Cruises offers a mixture of traditional charm and refined elegance, coupled with a full range of activities for guests of all ages. There are facilities for single, couples and families. MSC Cruises offers fly cruises to the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Caribbean, Central America and the Panama Canal, South America and South Africa. Guests cruising with MSC Cruises will be treated to the finest Italian hospitality afloat, at very affordable prices. Family cruises and fans of traditional, charming Italian cruising. More and more people are discovering the joys of Italian style cruising with its excellent cuisine, varied entertainment and cosmopolitan feel. A great cruising destination for both first timers and veterans, MSC Cruises now offers year round cruising. With its temperate climate and the summer crowds gone, the northern winter is a wonderful time to explore this part of the world.

MSC cruises