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Just a brief reminder to all passengers not to forget to re confirm your flights 72 hours prior to your departure from the UK and again prior to your return flight. There has been a spate of small timing changes by some of the airlines, and it is important that you remember to check, as you do not want to miss a flight or find yourself running across the terminal in a panic.

Access, view and print travel documents using our check my booking system or find answers to common questions in our comprehensive FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the details of my booking?

Yes, details can be changed on a booking, however what can be changed, and the costs involved do vary depending on what has been booked.

If you wish to amend a booking / order or wish to enquiry if a specific change can be made, then please fill in the Contact Us form and submit your change or enquiry. We will then be able to check the booking details and get back to you as soon as possible to advise if the amendment is possible and if it will incur a refund or additional charge, typical amendment fees are at least £25-£50 pounds in addition to the charge levied by the supplier, all fees will be advise prior to any amendment occurring.

Can I pre-book my flight seats?

Unfortunately not all airlines will let you pre-book your flight seats, however if you have specific needs and require certain seating arrangements this can be done directly with the airline. Our reservations team will be able to provide you with a reference number for your airline seat booking.

How do I cancel my Flight ticket?

Most low priced tickets are completely non-refundable, but in some cases airlines will charge a cancellation fee if you wish to cancel your booking. In addition will charge an administration fee of £25 per person. For this reason we recommend that you take out adequate travel insurance before booking. All cancellations must be sent in writing to or via post.

My name is spelt incorrectly on my flight ticket, what can I do?

It is not possible to change your name on an airline ticket. The ticket will have to be cancelled and a new ticket will need to be issued (cancellation penalties will apply). When booking, please review your information carefully and ensure that the name of each passenger is entered correctly. If there is a minor error after you have placed a booking, please use the Contact Us form to alert us of the correct spelling. We will need to contact the airline to request a name change and we cannot guarantee that they will be able to make the change. Click here to go to the Contact Us form.

How long does it take to process a refund for my Flight?

Most tickets are non-changeable/non refundable. If you would like to cancel your booking or have an enquiry please e-mail us by filling in and submitting the Contact Us form.

If your ticket is refundable, we require you to send them by Recorded Delivery to:

Refunds Travelup Ltd T/A

Once we have received your tickets, refunds can take 8-12 weeks if we need to speak with the airline. Please note we cannot be held responsible for non-receipt of tickets if Recorded Delivery is not used.

What time should I check in for my flight?

Please Note: It is advised to check with your airline for accurate check in times, however we generally recommend....

International - At least 3 hours prior to departure.
European - At least 2 hours prior to departure.
Domestic - At least 1 hour prior to departure.

Travelling to the United States - Advanced Passenger Information Requirements?

When travelling to the USA , please be prepared to give full details of where you will be staying on your first night, including address and full zip code (post code).

These details will also be required to give this information prior to your flight departure. In view of this please allow extra time to check in.

The details, which need to be provided to US Customs, are termed "Advanced Passenger Information" (or API for short) and must be provided before one enters the country.

The API details that need to be provided include:
1. The address of the place where the passenger is spending his/her first night in the USA
2. And the addresses of all the places the person plans to visit during that first day within the country (e.g. such as a business address)

If the address of the first night stay is not known (e.g. in the case of a fly-drive) then a general itinerary needs to be supplied.

If one is entering the country via a Cruise ship or sea vessel, then US regulations will accept a "transit to" address followed by the Vessel/Cruise Name and the U.S. City of cruise embarkation, as a destination address in this scenario.

Failure to provide this information on entering the country could cause severe delays to the immigration process and may lead to fines being imposed on the airlines. 'Transit passengers' (i.e. those passing through the country, spending less than 8 hours in the USA and not leaving the airport) are exempt.

Many of the major airlines are also making every effort to ensure that the API requirements are fulfilled in a timely fashion before entering the country and are assisting passengers in getting the details to US customs in a timely fashioned.

We advise that all persons travelling to the US allow an extra hour for check in and plan ahead to have details of where they are staying in the US before leaving the UK along with passport and flight tickets.

I have points on my license can I still hire a car?

Usually the answer is no. However please contact our reservations department on 0208 472 8181 and they will gladly check the specific requirements of the car hire companies operating at your chosen destination.

How do I log a comment or complaint?

All comments or complaints are required to be in writing. To submit a comment or complaint please e-mail us via the Contact Us form this will then get submitted to the correct team and dealt with accordingly.

You may prefer to post your comment or complaint, if so our address is as follows:

Travelup Ltd
1, Zodiac House,
Calleva Park,

Regarding any complaint, would like to take this opportunity to apologies for if you are unhappy with any part of your experience. We aim to resolve the complaint within 28 days pending a full investigation, please be aware that in peak seasons this may take a little longer.

Which terminal am I flying from?

The confirmation e-mail sent at the time of your booking contains the terminal information relating to your flight. If you have not received your confirmation e-mail, or would like another copy, please contact administration on 0208 476 7670.

Alternatively you can go to (the official site for BAA Airports) where you can obtain all up to date terminal and flight information.

Can I book and pay for someone else?

Sorry, but due to concerns of identity fraud and theft we are unable to accept any third party payments.

How do I get the keys to my villa accommodation?

We will supply you with the address of our local representative office where you will be able to collect your keys and the directions to your villa. If you arrive out of office hours there will be a lock box outside the office (we will give you the code) and inside will be an envelope with your instructions/keys.

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