The best things to do with Teenagers at Universal Studios in Florida

Trying to keep the whole family happy when you are away can be difficult, especially with the teens, but Universal Studios in Florida is an entertainment hub for them! We’ve recommended some of the best things to do with teens whilst at Universal that will keep the whole family happy.  Transformers: The Ride-3D For the […]


5 Fascinating Temples in Sri Lanka

colombo in sri lanka

A trip to Sri Lanka wouldn’t be complete without visiting one of the famous temples. Not only are they highly respected by locals for their religious value, but they also boast stunning architecture and an experience that is best enjoyed first-hand. With so many to visit, we’ve picked out the most famous temples in Sri […]


Advice for customers affected by Hurricane Irma or the Mexico Earthquake

As you are aware, Hurricane Irma has affected areas of the Caribbean and is currently moving through parts of North America. Overnight, we also received the news that Mexico experienced a 8.1 earthquake and that there is a Tsunami warning in place… In the light of these unforeseen circumstances, the Holiday Genie team are continuously […]