Reggae SumFest in Jamaica – you’ve got the moves!

playing drums

When you think of Jamaica you probably think of Reggae, and although the island isn’t all about Reggae there is a very special week that shows the true Jamaican culture. In mid-July you can find the largest Reggae Festival in Jamaica in Montego Bay, the famous Reggae Sumfest. With music, dancing and parties, it is […]


Crop Over Festival in Barbados: fun, colourful and one not to miss!

woman dressed for the crop over festival barbados

It’s now June which means the Crop over festival season has begun which means a trip to Barbados in this time will be even more colourful and exciting. If you’re not familiar with the Crop over festival it is the season which marks the end of the Sugar Cane harvest with festivals and events happening […]


Freaky Halloween Festivals in Florida

children dressed up in florida for halloween

Halloween is an exciting time of the year, and Florida has some of the best Halloween festivals around. Many spooky events take place to really make your Halloween in Florida even more ghostly than before. There are plenty of chances for you to get spooked in Florida; you’ll be spoilt for choice. You may be […]