Thinking of what to do in Florida? Then experience Florida off the beaten track!

When you think of Florida Holidays you tend to associate it with the Sunshine State, malls, incredible theme parks and glorious beaches but you may be surprised to know that if you go off the beaten track in Florida you could literally spend your entire holiday hiking! The Florida Trail covers an amazing 1,400 miles […]


Enjoy St Lucia off the beaten path!

When you think of St. Lucia, you probably think of beautiful beaches, cocktails and wonderful all inclusive resorts. What about if you’re looking for a more unique holiday in St Lucia? You don’t need to just be by the beach to feel like you’re on holiday; take a look at some of our tips of […]


Best things to do in Old Town Dubai

old town dubai at night

Dubai is a city that has a geographical and cultural divide. The city is well known for its modernised buildings however there is a fantastic cultural area to explore. While on holiday in Dubai, there are plenty of things to do and see which can be overwhelming with trying to plan all the activities you […]


Freaky Halloween Festivals in Florida

children dressed up in florida for halloween

Halloween is an exciting time of the year, and Florida has some of the best Halloween festivals around. Many spooky events take place to really make your Halloween in Florida even more ghostly than before. There are plenty of chances for you to get spooked in Florida; you’ll be spoilt for choice. You may be […]