5 Fascinating Temples in Sri Lanka

colombo in sri lanka

A trip to Sri Lanka wouldn’t be complete without visiting one of the famous temples. Not only are they highly respected by locals for their religious value, but they also boast stunning architecture and an experience that is best enjoyed first-hand. With so many to visit, we’ve picked out the most famous temples in Sri […]


6 of the Best Beaches in Sri Lanka

hikkaduwa beach in sri lanka

A visit Sri Lanka can’t be completed without visiting one of the many breath-taking beaches that line the coastline. Whether you’re a beach bum searching for the postcard perfect sandy paradise or looking for a cooler place to enjoy quiet time away from the tropical temperatures. With something for everyone, the beaches are one of […]


Why visiting Sri Lanka should be on your to-do list! Top Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka

sri lanka beach

With a combination of adventure, postcard perfect beaches and historical ancient sites to be explored, anyone should aim to have a dream holiday to Sri Lanka. The island is popular with travellers and holiday-makers are beginning to flock to the destination to enjoy the abundance of things to do, see and experience that leaves long-lasting […]