Top 6 Things to do in Barbados

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When you think of Barbados, the chances are your mind wanders to sandy beaches and turquoise waters.  This Caribbean island is a tropical paradise, bordered by both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.  But Barbados is not just for sunbathing.  Book an incredible holiday to Barbados and you will discover a wonderful variety of […]


Crop Over Festival in Barbados: fun, colourful and one not to miss!

woman dressed for the crop over festival barbados

It’s now June which means the Crop over festival season has begun which means a trip to Barbados in this time will be even more colourful and exciting. If you’re not familiar with the Crop over festival it is the season which marks the end of the Sugar Cane harvest with festivals and events happening […]


Nightlife in Barbados – a lively Caribbean spot!

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Barbados is a dream destination for many and it is not hard to see why from the white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. From fabulous resorts to water-sport excursion, the island screams relaxation. But what if you’re looking for a lively holiday to Barbados? The nightlife in Barbados is incredible and with so much […]