7 Things You Need to Know about Universal Orlando in Florida

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Is it your first time at Universal Orlando? Okay firstly, you’re going to absolutely love it… you and your family will fall in love – trust us. Before you head off your Universal Orlando holiday there are just a few things you need to know about the park… all good of course, but the Universal […]


The best things to do with Teenagers at Universal Studios in Florida

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Trying to keep the whole family happy when you are away can be difficult, especially with the teens, but Universal Studios in Florida is an entertainment hub for them! We’ve recommended some of the best things to do with teens whilst at Universal that will keep the whole family happy.  Transformers: The Ride-3D For the […]


Visiting Disney Word with boys… this is what they will love!

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We could list endless amounts of top things to do at Disney World for girls, and there are also so many fantastic things to do at Disney World that your boys will enjoy just as much; if you want to book your unforgettable package to Disney World today. Hollywood Studios Why not start with Hollywood […]


5 must see places with kids before they grow up!

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Family holiday’s when you’re young are truly magical, and there are some breathtaking places in the world that you just know would excite the kids. Of course, you’ll want to go to the best places and destinations that you know your children will love as much as you do. We’ve searched the planet and our […]


First time at Universal Orlando? 7 Tips that will come handy!

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Are you planning your holiday to Universal Orlando for the first time? Planning any holiday is an exciting time, and imaging the variety of things you can see and do at Universal Orlando will definitely leave a smile on your face. Holiday Genie have come up with some top tips that first timers should know […]


Unique and Unforgettable Things to do at Disney World in Orlando

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Any holiday to Disney will be an unforgettable one, and there are so many unique experiences that can help make your visit to Disney World with the kids even more special. Whether you’re a first timer or a Disney fanatic returning, Holiday Genie have found some unusual things to do at Disney World that you […]


Attractions in Florida you might have not of thought about visiting…but are worth visiting!

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When you think of Florida tourist attractions, you probably think of Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando and the other famous parks; however it’s not just theme parks in Orlando. A different holiday to Florida can be possible with so many unknown and unusual attractions in the Sunshine State. Holiday Genie has offered some ideas of […]