Visiting Disney Word with boys… this is what they will love!

boys at animal kingdom disney

We could list endless amounts of top things to do at Disney World for girls, and there are also so many fantastic things to do at Disney World that your boys will enjoy just as much; if you want to book your unforgettable package to Disney World today. Hollywood Studios Why not start with Hollywood […]


5 must see places with kids before they grow up!

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Family holiday’s when you’re young are truly magical, and there are some breathtaking places in the world that you just know would excite the kids. Of course, you’ll want to go to the best places and destinations that you know your children will love as much as you do. We’ve searched the planet and our […]


Visiting Hong Kong Disneyland – Tips that will come in handy!

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When talking about Disney, you will most likely think of Orlando when actually Disney can be found across the globe. Hong Kong Disneyland opened in 2005 and ever since has welcomed families, couples, and friends to meet Mickey & his friends outside the Sunshine State. A holiday in Hong Kong for all the family should […]


Top Tricks that will make you save on food at Walt Disney World

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Booking a Walt Disney Package holiday couldn’t be easier; however the hard part is creating your budgets. You will probably set aside a certain amount of dollars for food, and it will get harder as you realise you have the devil on your shoulder saying “try this food at Disney World Orlando”. Holiday Genie has […]


Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2016 at Disney World – The Guide You Should Read!

christmas parade at disney world

It’s no secret that Disney World celebrates Christmas and New Year’s Eve in style, and the events are huge and exciting. If you’re deciding on whether to visit Magic Kingdom at Christmas or New Years, we know it won’t take you long to find reasons to visit Disney World in Orlando this year. However, with […]


6 Reasons why you should take the kids to Disney World when they are still kids!

magic kingdom cinderella with kids

Everyone knows that a trip to Disney World will be an unforgettable one with the family; however while planning the holiday you might begin to question “Should I take the kids while they’re young or wait till they’re older?” Don’t delay that dream holiday to Walt Disney World and take the kids with you, and […]