Top Hotels to Stay in Dubai to impress your other half

1 and 1 lounge in dubai

A romantic holiday in Dubai is certainly not hard to plan, especially with a variety of hotels made especially for the couples looking to celebrate their romance. The luxury destination is perfect for couples and has wonderful opportunities for both you and your partner to create some truly unforgettable memories. Holiday Genie has got the […]


Desert Adventures in Dubai… 5 of the best!

dubai desert

The exciting metropolis is jam-packed with plenty of things to do, and with Dubai being located next to a huge desert, which means the opportunities are endless for your holiday adventure in Dubai. The real question is can you really experience the exciting city without trying any desert activities? We’ve found some of the best […]


Best Budget Travel Destination Picks for 2017


With the end of a year it means it’s time to start planning your travel in 2017. There are some top travel destinations that you don’t want to miss out on for 2017. We’ve carefully selected our recommendations for holiday destinations in 2017 that don’t break the bank too much! Your bank will love us, […]


Tasty and exotic restaurants in Ras Al Khaimah you should try

middle eastern food

This particular city of UAE is incredibly underrated and whilst many people are still asking themselves why visit Ras Al Khaimah; you could be discovering the beauty before it becomes one of the hottest tourist spots. With so much to do and see the daytimes will be full of exploration, but there is wonderful adventure […]


Top Water Parks in Dubai… a great way to cool down!

waterpark in dubai

One of the deciding factors when to go on holiday is weather, and Dubai certainly boasts some beautiful weather all year round; but this might not seem like a benefit when booking a holiday to Dubai. The city has plenty of water parks which offer the perfect opportunity for families, couples and friends to cool […]