Top 6 Things to do in Antigua with Kids

the island of antigua

Antigua, the beautiful Caribbean island is great for couples, but why not have a holiday to Antigua with the family? The Caribbean isn’t just for adults as there are plenty of things to do with kids; with something for everyone, the whole family will be able to enjoy an exciting holiday in Antigua. Here at […]


Beaches in St Lucia that will make you want to stay forever!

view of st lucia

It’s no secret that the Caribbean has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and St Lucia definitely does not fall short of breathtaking beaches.  All over the island you can find incredible beaches that have things to do and leave you feeling relaxed but also never wanting to leave the island. Discovering […]


Nightlife in Barbados – a lively Caribbean spot!

beach party in barbados st lawrence gap

Barbados is a dream destination for many and it is not hard to see why from the white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. From fabulous resorts to water-sport excursion, the island screams relaxation. But what if you’re looking for a lively holiday to Barbados? The nightlife in Barbados is incredible and with so much […]