Our top picks of what to do in St Lucia besides lying on the beach!

waterfall in st lucia

St Lucia has its fair share of beautiful beaches and fantastic resorts for you to discover, but if you’re not a beach person there are still so many different/unusual things to do in St Lucia that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. If you’re looking for a different holiday in St Lucia, check out […]


Top 6 Things to do in Antigua with Kids

the island of antigua

Antigua, the beautiful Caribbean island is great for couples, but why not have a holiday to Antigua with the family? The Caribbean isn’t just for adults as there are plenty of things to do with kids; with something for everyone, the whole family will be able to enjoy an exciting holiday in Antigua. Here at […]


Beaches in St Lucia that will make you want to stay forever!

view of st lucia

It’s no secret that the Caribbean has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and St Lucia definitely does not fall short of breathtaking beaches.  All over the island you can find incredible beaches that have things to do and leave you feeling relaxed but also never wanting to leave the island. Discovering […]


You can definitely enjoy Dubai on a budget! Our Insider Tips.

public beach in dubai

Dubai is all about luxury, shopping and beautiful spas – you might be thinking how can you enjoy Dubai on a budget? Well, we have some fantastic tips to ensure you can enjoy your low cost holiday to Dubai without spending a fortune. If it’s your first time travelling to Dubai, don’t forget to check […]


Enjoy St Lucia off the beaten path!

When you think of St. Lucia, you probably think of beautiful beaches, cocktails and wonderful all inclusive resorts. What about if you’re looking for a more unique holiday in St Lucia? You don’t need to just be by the beach to feel like you’re on holiday; take a look at some of our tips of […]


Zoos in Florida that animal lovers will love!

giraffes in orlando zoo

Florida is a fantastic destination for the adrenaline junkies out there, but what if you’re looking for a different holiday in Florida? Animal lovers we hear you, Florida is jammed pack with so many fantastic zoos and it can be difficult to choose from the big selection. To make it easier, we’ve chosen a few […]