4 Traditional Dishes You Should Try When Visiting Bali

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Visiting a new destination is always great and you’ll probably come across some strange food whilst travelling; for the foodies, the thought of a new cuisine to try will be sure to make your stomach rumble and Bali is no exception. From the street food to the sit-down restaurants, the extensive menus are full of flavourful dishes… you’ll be spoilt for choice. We’ve recommended some of the traditional Balinese food that you have to keep an eye out for and take a bite into.

Babi Guling (Suckling Pig)

We understand the name Babi Guling probably doesn’t sound the most appetising, but this delicacy is one of many traditional Balinese foods that make both locals and travellers crave the dish. The pig is marinated in spices and herbs and then roasted whole which creates extremely tender and flavourful meat which can be served with a variety of sides but a real favourite is the crispy skin. It’s similar to pork crackling except much better; it is served all over the island, make sure to look out for Ibu Oka as it uses this delicious pork!

food from baliSoto

Soto is a traditional Balinese soup that can be found all over the island, and is the perfect typical comfort food for any traveller. It is served in many variations and you can certainly find it within the Balinese street food scene or at highly-rated restaurants too. It is very similar to chicken soup and the meat is extremely tender practically falling apart in your mouth.


Satay, they are marinated skewered and grilled meats, served with spicy sauce and may consist of sliced or diced chicken, goat, mutton, beer, fish, pork, tofu, eggs or minced blends. A typical food in Bali would be there sate lilit, made from minced beef, chicken, fish, pork, or even turtle meat… yes you read that right! Marinated with coconut milk and other spices. This is served with an optional sauce as some people don’t want to ruin the flavours it already has


A holiday to Bali is just what ever foodie needs. The Betutu is claimed to be the King’s favourite meal. This explains why it is prepared and plated in such a sophisticated way. It is either a whole chicken or duck, which is then stuffed with a mixture of spices that include: shallots, garlic, ginger, chilli, peanuts and more. However you if you are looking for a quick grab and go, then this is not the one for you as it takes around 8 hours to prepare but it most definitely reflects as every bite is jam packed with flavour!

These are only 4 dishes that you could choose from, from the Traditional Balinese foods. However, if you need more of a reason to venture to Bali than just food. Then how about the beaches, bars or landmarks. Check out some images and videos on our Twitter Page.

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