The Top 3 Caves in Barbados that are worth exploring!

caves in barbados

Jet off to the sunny island Barbados, and get ready for a holiday full of adventure and exploration. Relax on the beaches or explore the markets; whatever you decide, you can’t miss the breathtaking caves. Holiday Genie have recommended  the top Barbados caves that you must visit!

Harrison’s Cave in barbados

Harrison’s Cave

The Harrison’s Cave is one of the most prominent landmarks in the parish of St. Thomas. Named after an 18th-century landowner who has possibly never even entered a cave, the area was not officially explored or mapped until 1974. Upon the findings, the government gathered funds and plans to develop the natural wonder and sank shafts and tunnels, which eventually accommodated a tram! In 1981, the cave was opened to visitors and is now famous for stalactites, stalagmites, natural pools and waterfalls.

The 1.4-miles steam cave system is a major tourist attraction for the island and has bought many travellers over the years. With the Great Hall cavern, measuring 50 feet in height visitors can take either a one-hour tram tour or a four-hour adventure on foot exploring the hidden beauties of the Cave! So for all you thrill seekers and adventure hungry travellers out there, this is one you cannot miss. Are you travelling on holiday with your fiancé? Why not tie the knot underground surrounded by Mother Nature’s natural beauty in the form of the Harrison’s Cave!

Animal Flower Cave barbados

Animal Flower Cave

Discovered in 1780, the Animal Flower Cave is a sea cave in the parish of St. Lucy on the northern tip of Barbados. At one point, the save would have been at sea level, but now stands 6 feet above sea level due to the rising of rock sediment each year. The roof of the cave is 400,000 to 500,000 years old and is home to numerous sea anemones. The dramatic entrance steps were built in 1912, when the cave became a popular attraction for visitors and even has evening entertainment venue. Billy Ocean even filmed some of his videos here! Since 1961, the caves have become more appealing to tourists as it now features a bar and restaurant, or they can head to nearby craft shops where visitors can pick up little souvenirs and trinkets. The cave certainly makes for an Instagram-worthy photo!

Coles Cave barbados

Coles Cave

In the Parish of St. Thomas, Coles Cave is visited much less than the other two are, partly due to the steep and narrow entrances and prone for flooding. Coles Caves is more appropriate for the experienced geologists or naturalists as opposed to casual tourists and travellers. However, it is most definitely worth going to see! With the entrance being over grown with thick vegetation and also being a natural habitat to bats and insects, it is a fascinating cave to head to. The entrance leads up to pools, running spring water and cascades. Unlike the other two the Coles Cave is free and untouched by humans, but undertaken independently. Explorers will need to bring their own light source. So grab your  torches and get exploring!

So what are you waiting for? Get discovering Barbados and all three of its stunning caves and, of course, all of the other authentic experiences of Barbados. The moment is now… make 2018 one for adventure!

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