Unusual Foods to Discover in your Travels

girl smelling food

Everyone loves food so of course if you’re looking for the perfect foodie holiday, you’ll want to try some of the strange delicacies from around the world. Whether you’re looking at eating healthy on holiday or just want to try some of the most outrages and weird food on your travels, we’ve got some of the top dishes to try while on your voyage.

grubs food in australia

Grubs – Australia

We can hear the theme tune of “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here” as we say that Grubs is one of the strange delicacies that Australia holds. Grubs were once considered part of the staple diet for Aborigines but nowadays, it’s a staple for the ITV programme. This strange white creature is a high in protein snack and is extremely important for insect food in the desert; see, it might look weird but it is good for you!
Pigeon dish in France

Pigeon – France

You might come across a lot of Pigeons in France, and we’re not talking about on the street. What might be an annoying animal back home is considered food from different countries. Pigeon can me famously found on a plate in France with an expensive price tag. It is one of the much loved delicacies that France is famous for and has a very unique taste, yet delicious. Whilst being so favourable in France, it’s still not being accepted as a dish around the world.
Lutefisk dish from norway

Lutefisk – Norway

Granted that it has been argued that it is one of the most unusual foods from around the world AND one of the most rancid tasting dishes, we had to include Lutefisk from Norway. An experience is an experience and if you dare try this dish, well we wish you the best of luck. It is a gummy fish that takes days to prepare and marinated in lye; despite being argued a vile tasting dish, it is still hugely popular!
head cheese

Head Cheese – Europe

This one is really gross, so be prepared. Head cheese is a weird food that you either love or you hate, and it’s not made out of cheese. It is made from skinning the head of a sheep, pig or cow and removing its organs. They then cook this head in water and it forms to make something similar to salami. It sounds gross, but I guess if you’re looking to try some of the most unusual foods in the world, head cheese should be on that list.

Durian Fruit

Durian Fruit – Asia

Another strange delicacy from around the world is Durian Fruit. It is filled with four seeds with a thick, creamy flesh surrounding it which you can eat. Just one thing – it is one of the most odorous snacks in the world, for the wrong reasons. This fruit is forbidden and even illegal on some public transportation and in airports because of its nose-scrunching smell of sewage. It is native in Thailand and can be found in markets, just try to hold your nose while eating it.

Some of these weird foods sound certainly different, but if you’re really looking for some unusual cuisine to try there’s a starting list! Just remember to look up some tips for eating abroad with the durian fruit – you don’t want to get arrested for eating it in the wrong place.

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